Maintenance costs for your website
 will generally be the cost of making small updates as needed.  Beyond that we offer flexible maintenance services according to your needs. 
Small business and personal website costs can range from $500 to thousands of dollars. 

Sandy Clicks and Prints can help you design your site and a logo to accommodate your needs. We also offer a free 30 minute consultation!  
When designing your website
 we can provide creative website 
content for you for as little as
 $199 for a basic informational web page. 

Logo designs can start at $199.99
and up depending on complexity such 
as colors, designs and prints. 
Websites often require and always 
benefit from updates, changes and expansion. We will make timely updates, and changes to your website. 

We will process updates within 24-48 hours. 
We conveniently bill for maintenance on an hourly basis. 
There are so many areas to take into account
 when you are planning or creating your website, such as design elements and content, navigation style, drop down menus, rollovers, pictures, video content, links, promotion,
 e-commerce, etc. 

We make sure you get the things that are
 essential for the success of your website.

We understand that every website is important to the owner, and because the cost of a commercial website can run into thousands of dollars, this is an important process which we can guide you through. 

We can quickly and accurately tell you what we can provide for you if we have a low and high figure to work within. 

We have created a diversity of websites because no one client or business is alike. Templates are pre-made without your business in mind.  That's why we discuss your needs and then start from the bottom  & build up! 
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From Conservative to Raging  - Business or Personal 
Below is just a few clips of some of our 
Past Projects - Logos, Mobile Sites and Web Design!

We get you online so you can use the web to stimulate sales, easily provide information to your customers, to make urgent  announcements, share exciting news, provide printable documents, and most importantly to grow your business!
No Sacrificing
If you want a low cost website without sacrificing quality and effectiveness for economy, we are here to help.